The Chainsmokers Puppy ‘Cheddar’ Goes Missing (Briefly)

For those who follow Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers on social media, you’ll know that in the past few months the two recently purchased a new Golden Retriever – aptly named Cheddar – who has been melting the hearts of fans everywhere in a way that only a puppy could.

Last night, however, an urgent post went out on the duo’s Instagram alerting fans that Cheddar had recently escaped from the yard of their Los Angeles home. The post goes even further, offering a fairly generous reward to whomever returned their beloved pup, no questions asked.

Fans quickly took to social media to help the ‘Roses’ producers find their prized pooch, however only minutes later the post was quickly removed. Hopefully this serves as an indicator that the New York City duo were reunited with Cheddar. Check out The Chainsmokers latest single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ here, and let’s hope that this story gets the happy ending it deserves.