This ‘Audio Pill’ Lets You Rave From The Inside Out

If raves aren’t enough for you and you’re looking to shake things up in the party world, then you’re in luck. Czech conceptual artist, Jan Etrmiska (aka Jan Poope), has created an “audio pill” that allows you to rave from the inside after taking it. It is a small sound system inside a microcapsule that you can swallow in order to experience your own private, internal rave.

Seem too crazy to be true? Well, it is apparently just as dangerous as it sounds, so risky in fact that we’re not sure if this is some sort of prank.

According to Strmiska’s Indiegogo page, once swallowed, the pill takes about 1 hour to reach full effect and then afterwards, the battery can last for up to 10 hours, during which it is unable to be shut off. Using low frequency ultra sound technology, the “audio pill” will cause the user to experience whistling sounds inside their head, while completely silent to the outside world.

10 hours of solo unstoppable noise? No thank you.

The whole process doesn’t even sound all that great, as Strmiska describes it, the audio pill will:

“make you feel like you are standing in the middle of a concert hall with a powerful audio system inside your body. Or like you are standing in a factory workshop full of metal working machines and ramming an impact drill in your stomach. The only difference is there’s absolute silence all around you and you are experiencing the music in perfect privacy and only from the inside.” 

The entire Indiegogo page is filled with too-crazy-to-be-true descriptions of the “audio pill”, even stating that it will leave you partying inside your head “with nowhere to escape”.

Strmiska even includes that he waves all responsibility for any potential health concerns. He also clearly states that doctors have not approved of the device and even say to “never swallow anything like this”.

Despite these clear insane warnings, there has been 1 prototype purchased by someone I’m going to assume is either insane or courageous.

I’m hoping that sooner or later Jan Poope is going to come out and let us know that the entire thing was some sort of hoax or large scale art experiment, with crazy ravers as his subjects.