OVERWERK’ Releases Official Video To ‘Winter’ Directed By Erik Wernquist

Last year OVERWERK left listeners wanting more after he released his spine tingling ‘Canon’ EP. The Canadian producer pushed all artistic boundaries, seamlessly blending french electro and epic cinematic scores into one cohesive project. Living up to his reputation as a creative innovator, he has released the video for the track, ‘Winter’, that’s visuals will leave listeners and viewers with an unparalleled experience.

The video, directed by the critically acclaimed animator / filmmaker, Erik Wernquist, takes the viewer in a world within a world, as glowing, self-assembling cubes, unfold and reveal an illuminated labyrinth like framework, all while syncing with the song’s beat and synth notes. The song itself resonates with everyone differently, and with a well produced that’s so visually ambiguous, its interpretation is also left wide open to the viewer’s imagination.

This dynamic duo came together after OVERWERK saw Erik’s space exploration film, Wanderers.’ The two shared similar styles and perspectives, and OVERWERK knew that he was someone who would truly understand his vision. A stunning vision indeed, one that transports the viewer to a cool mental space of inspiration.

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