Lane 8 Previews His ‘Midnight’ EP

[Suara 208] Lane 8 - Midnight EP

Only two weeks into the new year and it’s already clear to any Anjuna fan that this is Lane 8‘s year. Building momentum throughout late 2015 with an album, ABGT gig, and a massive tour, the energy shows now signs of slowing down as he prepares to release a three-track EP titled Midnight.

Stepping away from his home label of Anjunadeep, these releases come from the Suara imprint, which means that we’ll be seeing some new sounds from this producer. Overall the EP diverges from his typical house-heavy flavors to bring you a slightly more tech-ish and club oriented string of tracks. The more minimalistic approach to the productions leaves the abstract synth melodies and dark and pulsing basses that much more room to hit home.

The first track, from which the Midnight EP gets its name, is a slightly lighter approach to this club sound. Utilizing airy arpeggiators and constricted percussion tracks to keep the groove going, touching piano chords drift their way underneath to create a pleasant overall atmosphere. The next track, ‘Under My Skin’, is where his sound starts getting a little weirder. Dissonant synth sequences set your nerves on edge. Just as you’re getting accustomed to that sound, eerie atmospheric vocals mutter unintelligible phrases in the background. All in all, quite jarring. This brings us to the final track, ‘Frau’. Any follower of Lane 8 will immediately recognize this track from his sets and mixes over the past handful of months, and we are beyond excited that this track finally gets to see the light of day. Energetic synth patterns make this track a groovy tune that is easy to listen to over and over.