DJ Snake Looks Back At 2015 With Incredible Recap Video

French DJ and producer DJ Snake made his first big splash in electronic dance music with his 2013 5x platinum hit “Turn Down For What”. Now, three years later, his success continues to proliferate before our eyes as he capped off a monstrous 2015. Not only did his hit single “Lean On” become Spotify’s most-streamed song of all time, but he also played at Coachella, was featured in Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list, and may even be part of a secret side-project.

In commemoration of this special year, DJ Snake and his team stitched together a recap video titled “Jusqu’ici tout va bien”, roughly translating to “so far so good” in French. The four-minute clip follows the jet-setting DJ across the globe in his meteoric rise to the top. An original score by is oddly calm for the permanently turnt Snake and may be a sign of things to come in 2016.

Watch the full video below: