When It Comes To DJ Money, Calvin Harris Is Still On Top

A recent story published by redbulletin.com took note of exactly how much money some of the world’s most popular music producers are worth. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but Calvin Harris once again reigns supreme. In addition to total value, the story also noted how many performances each producer headlined in 2015 and the weight of their respective Facebook following. Keeping in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list, here’s the sum of the research gathered:

Calvin Harris. Net worth: $160M. Played 77 shows in 2015. Has 13M Facebook fans.

deadmau5. Net worth: $53M. Played 34 shows in 2015. Has 9M Facebook fans.

Steve Aoki. Net worth: $55M. Played 143 shows in 2015. Has 7.5M Facebook fans.

Sven Vath. Net worth: $14M. Played 106 shows in 2015. Has 1M Facebook fans.

Richie Hawtin. Net worth: $9M. Played 82 shows in 2015. Has 1.2M Facebook fans.

Diplo. Net worth: $15M. Played 72 shows in 2015. Has 2.3M Facebook fans.

Skrillex. Net worth: $36M. Played 81 shows in 2015. Has 19.5M Facebook fans.

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the electronic music industry is unpredictable. 2016 is sure to continue to tilt the scales of popularity, fame, and, of course, money. Do you think anyone has a chance at passing Calvin Harris as the world’s richest DJ?

H/T: Your EDM