[WATCH] Jack Ü Music Video For “Beats Knockin'” Leaks

 photo 9775f204-cf56-45e7-b055-e5d41d444e43_zpsgyderdeo.jpg

Skrillex owns this week. In addition to gaining positive traction among fans and sci-fi nerds for his music video production for GTA’s “Red Lips,” his growing collaborative project, Jack Ü, received some love with a fan-made “Beats Knockin’” music video on Vimeo, earlier this week. And believe it or not, it’s stranger than the video for “Red Lips.” It starts off with the female protagonist casually getting an all over tan in the comfort of her yellow mini-living room in the middle of a desert, before being disrupted by a dude in a motorcycle heading her way. From then on, the video takes a couple of odd turns, including an electric fight between the two, a floating, fiery head of rapper Fly Boi Keno, and the girl pouring gasoline over the pant-less motorcycle dude. But honestly, anything that starts a video warning people of potential seizures must be worth watching. Check out the music video for “Beats Knockin'” below!