Spotify Launches Perfectly Mixed Playlists To Match Any Mood


Every avid music lover knows the importance of keeping the vibes consistent and sensitive to the energy of a room, whether it be at a low-key kickback or full blown house party. For those in charge of the music, it’s not always convenient to sit by the aux chord, hand selecting the best songs for the moment simply to keep the mood on point. Spotify recognized this modern dilemma and sought out a perfect solution by launching a new “party mode” feature on their service called Spotify Party. Spotify Party presents users with a library of ready-to-use, themed playlists such as “Holiday Party,” “Electro Blowout” and “Hip Hop Takeover” that are perfectly mixed, curated based on the mood, and able to be tampered with depending on the current energy of the party.

“When it comes to throwing parties you simply have to have the right playlists — or everyone will leave…”

Once the user selects their desired party playlist through Spotify Party, they have access to a slider called a “mood tuner” that they can drag to adjust to keep the music in tune with the energy in room. If the user slides the tuner left, the song selections slow down and emanate more chilled-out vibes, and if the mood tuner is slid to the right, the songs becomes more upbeat and energetic. Users can also add or remove any songs they wish to their selected playlist. Along with Spotify Party’s built-in playlists, it also features a special mix from Diplo, loaded with over 120 tracks. In a recent press release, Diplo stated,

 “With Spotify Party, you’re served with loads of beat-matched music that transitions perfectly…”