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MaRLo – Ignite

Trance DJ and producer MarLo is known for his infectious and hard-hitting sounds. Coming from Dutch origins, he now resides in Australia and continues to etch his mark in the world of Trance thanks to a unique signature style. His recent single ‘Ignite‘ is more of the same, as he uses a dexterous combination of synths and basslines to stamp his name on yet another impressive track. Opening with airy reverberating plucks, a ferocious synth is teased in and leads up to a massive crescendo. The drop unveils the identical synth in the build up but with a much more powerful and vigorous fervor. It is joined by steady beat to pace the track and interspersed with a pulsating techno-influenced sound. Tugging at darker vibes, this track is a can’t miss for any Trance head.

MaRLo – Ignite | Download