Scientists Suggest That Group Dancing Is Good For Your Health

According to a recent scientific study, dancing with your crew together to some fresh beats, or to any style of music for that matter, has beneficial health effects. However, in my personal opinion, you don’t need science to prove the healthy benefits of dancing in a group, or even by yourself. The study at hand is an attempt to explain our relationship with dance over our evolutionary history and how it impacts the social interactions in a culture over time.

As everyone knows, dancing with a partner can be quite invigorating. But why? When two or more people sync up their dance moves, there is a bonding effect that occurs, creating an enhanced sense of trust that helps to mold relationships on and off the dance floor. Interestingly enough, this is not the only positive impact dancing in a group has on the individual. Since boogieing to your favorite tunes initializes a response similar to working out in the gym, endorphins are released, possibly resulting in a hormonal bond.

You can read more about the study from the original article that was first posted by The Conversation. A great example of the positive effects of group dancing can be witnessed in the video below taken at Sasquatch Music Festival in 2009.