Robot Chicken Pokes Fun At Steve Aoki In Hilarious Cake-Throwing Skit

Steve Aoki

I’m sure that you have all had the opportunity to witness Steve Aoki throw one of his signature sheet cakes at a fan during on of his live shows. Even though people love to bash him, you have to admit that he’s usually pretty accurate. For example, take a look at this pretty impressive bomb of a cake throw at a fan in a wheelchair at Veld Music Festival. He was raised by a group of party-goers about 80 to 90 feet away and it landed perfectly on his face.

Now, popular Adult Swim television show Robot Chicken decided to turn this phenomenon into a skit that stars Steve Aoki himself. In the short video, a baseball scout challenges him to put the cake down and take his chances pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers. We know the Dim Mak boss can toss cakes with some incredible precision, but the question that is still unanswered is if he can do the same with a baseball. Check out the video below to find out!