RL Grime, Mr. Carmack & Salva Tease Gigantic Collaboration

For a man who releases tracks at a breakneck pace, Mr. Carmack kept his fans waiting on one of his most highly anticipated projects. Back in January, Carmack confirmed over Twitter that he had a collaboration in the works with RL Grime and Salva. In the interim period, he has found time to release countless tracks including his “White” and “Red” EPs. While there was no word on the RL Grime and Salva collaboration, Carmack finally just dropped a preview of it at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles.

The untitled collaboration between RL Grime, Mr. Carmack and Salva is set to be a frenzied and chaotic banger. The track blends each artist’s unique style, prominently displaying RL Grime’s iconic trap horns to build up the track. As the track’s intensity builds to a fever pitch, Carmack drops an energetic and bouncy trap beat which is sure to ignite the most lethargic of crowds. The song is notably well mixed by Carmack, as he seamlessly fuses the rousing vocals of 40 Love as found on Bassnectar’s “Wildstyle Method“. Although we only have a poor quality video for now, fans can wait patiently until one of these artists releases the full version officially.