Mysteryland Lowers Age to 19+, TomorrowWorld Rumored to Follow

With the struggles faced by TomorrowWorld this year, there is still one simple way to greatly boost attendance and that is to lower the attendance age. TomorrowWorld is the largest 21+ festival in the US and that limits a lot of attendees from going. In fact, most festivals only recently raised their minimum age to 18. Now ID&T‘s Mysteryland festival is adjusting its age limit and moving to June away from Memorial Day Weekend. This past summer, Mysteryland competed with EDC New York, Sunset Music Festival, and others on that wild weekend. We already know parent company SFX needs to get into the green, so these moves make sense.

Even with this move, the camping is restricted to 21+ so there will still be some of the original adult vibe going on. With Mysteryland making such a drastic move and TomorrowWorld in need of change, many expect TomorrowWorld to follow suit. In fact, rumors swirl that next year the festival will change to Tomorrowland USA with the new age limit rather than TomorrowWorld as it has been known. All the details on Mysteryland 2016 can be found here, and we have to assume word from TomorrowWorld won’t be far behind.