Live Nation Vows to Bolster Security at Venues Following Paris Attacks

The reverberations continue following last Friday’s horrible terrorist attacks in Paris, and the entire world is on notice. As more information becomes clear, the risks that terrorists are hiding among the population are higher than ever. News broke that one of the attackers actually arrived in France from Syria by posing as a refugee, and there is no telling who else may have done the same thing or plan on doing so elsewhere. As the President shockingly responded to the attacks by doubling down on his commitment to take in these risky Syrian refugees, American States and high value targets have been forced to protect themselves. To that end, Live Nation announced that it would be increasing security at its venues. Recall that Live Nation not only puts on multi genre concert tours, but it also owns a large stake in Insomniac and in turn Electric Daisy Carnival. Live Nation made the following statement today.

“The safety and security of our shows, fans and venues continues to be our highest priority. Due to the recent events in Paris and in an abundance of caution we have implemented heightened security procedures globally. However, because of the sensitive nature of these protocols, we cannot elaborate further on the specific details.”

While it’s unfortunate that it has come to this, festival and concert goers are reminded to stay vigilant and as always, if you see something say something. These additional security measures will certainly draw criticism as the hassle to showgoers increases, but hopefully these measures among others will ensure a similar event never takes place at a concert in the US.

Source: Factmag