Limbic Void – The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

 photo 2b42dfe2-016e-4d6d-b15b-b12acc5fdc56_zpsqablrty8.jpg

With the climate of current events, the whole world needs a lot of love right now and this new release gives a glimmer of beauty to a dark time. Hypnotizing from the start, “The Doghouse” use of subtle 80’s inspired synths and overlapping harmonies create a stunning indie pop jam. Produced by Limbic Void with vocals lended by Iben Bjørg Anton, these two new comer’s creative synthesis acheived a sound that is impossible to find an imperfection in. And it is only their first release! Make your Wednesday a little bit brighter with “The Doghouse”, listen below.