[EDMTunes Interview] Arcane Records: LA’s Most Diverse New Bass-Music Label

Arcane Records

Los Angeles’s newest musical brainchild, Arcane Records, spearheaded by Daniel Bisbing (a.k.a. Pavarotti), Salar Saeidi (a.k.a. Blankface), and Jared Pittack, is one of bass music’s most promising record labels for forward-thinking, no holds barred talent. With a strong musical foundation born from decades of experience in underground dubstep, and an even stronger dedication to boundary-pushing, low-end music, Arcane Records is committed to preserving and evolving the culture of bass music. By providing an uncensored haven for true creative freedom for its artists, Arcane aims to nurture and advance some of today’s brightest and most diverse bass music acts to their full potential as they continue creating uncompromising, trailblazing music. With the exciting launch of Arcane Records’ first release, Arcane Records 001: Blankface – Don’t Want It EP, we caught up with two of the label’s founders, Daniel Bisbing and Salar Saeidi, to learn more about their hopes and visions for their budding West Coast label.

With the enticing slogan, “Understood by few,” Arcane Records revels in their uniqueness, as they strive to diverge from the mainstream limelight by providing creative solace to a hefty roster of distinguished, underground talent like Gentlemen’s Club, Twine, Coffi, Soloman, Jakes, Algo, Blankface and BloodThinnerz. Bisbing and Saeidi articulated the specifics of their label’s mission,

“Our goal is to release a wide array of bass music and to cast light on all realms that may be covered by the shadows of popular music. We are open to all genres and styles of bass music” and “our roster entails a long list of creative individuals.” “We are excited to be introducing new music to the masses. Unfortunately not many people are as open to the never-ending cycle of new music and progressing sounds. It is crucial to us that we reach as many listeners as possible, in hopes of bringing an overall more positive attitude towards new music in LA let alone the world.”


They then revealed some key aspects of Arcane’s distinct personality that makes it stand out from other, similar labels.

“We work a bit more hands on with our artists than other labels do. It is important to us that we are working side by side with our artists to aid them in their creative process and direction.” “It is a lot more gratifying to be working hands on with the artists and pushing them day in and day out to get their absolute best work. After spending time with our artists, it is very motivating and inspiring to see the final product that comes from their work.”

They continued,

“One of our strongest assets is our visual and media director Jared Pittack. He is the secret ingredient in our recipe to success. Jared’s art is very organic in style and goes very in-depth with his creativity.”

After introducing themselves to the world of dubstep as pacemaking LA bass musicians under the monikers Pavarotti (Bisbing) and Blankface (Saeidi), the two DJs/producers who once worked at separate dubstep labels in Los Angeles decided to join forces with Jared Pittack to manifest their desire to cultivate a record label of their own. They explained the reasoning behind what led them to make the jump from bass music artists to record label founders,  

“We have always talked about creating either a crew or a label together. We both already work at separate dubstep labels in LA, and one day it dawned upon us that we should not limit our creativity to just one side of the spectrum. That being said, we both came up together as artists and since then our network of international friends has grown exponentially over the years. We both agreed that it was time to dive into the entirety of the global bass community.”

Bisbing and Saeidi discussed how their unique backgrounds as bass musicians has given them an uncompromising edge in ensuring the success of Arcane Records,

“Both of us being involved on the ground floor for many years now has allowed us to formulate and strategize what we want to obtain with our record label. Let alone seeing the very apparent void that has been created by the bigger labels that neglect to push entire communities instead of small niche genres. We will have a large impact, due to our unbiased choices in what we release. Good music is good music regardless of what genre it is.”

Arcane Records’ Saeidi (Blankface), BloodThinnerz, Bisbing (Pavarotti) & M A Z E Arcane records

With a commendable, resonating mission to “put out quality music that inspires artists to step outside their comfort zone,” Arcane Records has already earned an insurmountable advantage over other labels, as their wish to strengthen each of their artists’ individual creative outputs rather than pushing them towards musical conformity guarantees Arcane a very bright and successful future. Bisbing and Saeidi left us with a taste of what’s to come from their rising, bass heavy label,

“In regards to our future, we plan on expanding into new territories and listener demographics to fulfill our plan for wide spread awareness. All of our artists have been working really hard on developing new sounds and compositions. We cannot wait to share with you which projects exactly, but rest assured your ears are in for a treat.”

Arcane Records’ first EP release comes from the alias of label co-founder Salar Saeidi, a.k.a. Blankface, entitled Don’t Want It, featuring thumping remixes by Soloman, Jakes, Subkillaz and Hedex. From the EP’s swaggy original and high-octane VIP versions of “Don’t Want It,” to its diverse and energy packed remixes, each track from Arcane’s first release boasts unique, in-your-face fusions of O.G. and modern day underground dubstep and drum and bass elements that you don’t want to miss. 

Blankface – Don’t Want It EP | Purchase