Experience TomorrowWorld and DreamVille Through The Eyes of 5 Attendees In New Elite Daily Documentary

TomorrowWorld attracts dance music fans from all over the world. Elite Daily produced a mini-documentary, The People of Dreamville, starring five festival-goers as they explain their TomorrowWorld experiences. The film takes us on a journey with the People of Tomorrow as they search for the key to happiness. Helene and Alice both hold corporate jobs and started attending the festival in search of their next adventure. Next, Bradley and Ashley met at the inaugural event two years ago, and now have a child together, despite the chemotherapy that he had to endure. Lastly, we meet Danny, a young man looking to enjoy his time in the states before being deployed. The film shows us that these people come from different places and backgrounds, but when they’re in Dreamville, none of that matters, and that’s a major component of what makes TomorrowWorld so special.