[Preview] Deadmau5 – Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

Deadmau5 – Imaginary Friends

Every once in a while Deadmau5 allows his fans to watch him work in the studio.  Joel took to Twitch Sunday night and for several hours on Monday to stream the creation of his latest single, which he later uploaded to his Soundcloud (fuckmylife), titled “Imaginary Friends.”  This is the closest thing to a finished track that Deadmau5 has shared with us since he previewed “BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOAT” five months ago.  “Imaginary Friends” is laced with classic Deadmau5 sounds and has us stoked for whatever Joel is planning.  Check out “Imaginary Friends” below.

Also, if you’re interested, you can watch deadmau5 create the track during his Twitch stream below. It’s a long ride, so be sure to grab snacks.

Watch live video from deadmau5 on www.twitch.tv