Daft Punk Won’t Let Zedd Release “One More Time” Remix

Zedd is probably one of Daft Punk‘s biggest fans, citing the French duo as the reason why he fell in love with electronic music. He even brought out the “Get Lucky” producers for an impromptu performance of his “One More Time” remix during the last stop of his North American tour in Minneapolis. Of course it was later debunked that the duo never actually showed up. Otherwise Anton would not be currently having a problem with releasing the old remix of one of Daft Punk’s most popular tunes. When asked on Twitter regarding the whereabouts of the remix, Anton ended up in virtual tears.

Daft Punk has a history of delaying remix releases. Remember when they released their Human After All: Remixes worldwide last year, 8 years after exclusively publishing the record in Japan? Unless Zedd finds a loop hole or Daft Punk miraculously change their mind, don’t hold your breath for the official version. However, it’s perfectly alright (legal) to play the remix live and you can watch it right now.