Avicii Teases Yet Another Album for 2016

We haven’t even finished digesting Avicii‘s Stories album and Tim goes ahead and teases another album in 2016?! Today, the Swedish producer was in the middle of an AMA on Quora when he dropped a bomb out of nowhere. The question was whether Avicii will release another album in 2016, to which he responded “highly likely”. With that, the dance music world will begin rampant speculation.

Now, those who follow Avicii know he has an extensive back catalogue of tracks that have made their way into sets and then disappeared (remember that follow up to “A Sky Full of Stars”?). He has also gone on record and said he began with about 40 tracks that he narrowed down to the album that became Stories. So another album so soon is not completely out of the question. However, there is a simpler explanation for this bombshell that reveals itself when you look back. Not long after Avicii’s debut album TRUE, there was the Avicii by Avicii remix album. This seems like the more likely answer here as we’ve seen other successful dance music producers fall into a rhythm of album release, album tour, remix album, and then begin the cycle again such as Armin van Buuren. What actually happens remains to be seen, but we’ll be watching Avicii closely over the coming months.

Source: Billboard