Afrojacks Splits with Management to Start Agency

This year has seen a big shift in the way dance music’s biggest artists are managed. Martin Garrix left the comfort of Spinnin Records and his management, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso left longtime manager and friend Amy Thompson for Ash Pournari at PRMD, and now Afrojack is making a big change as well. Nick van de Wall has decided to leave his longtime manager over “ethical and moral disagreements”, while the management company denies any disagreements of that sort. Montana ECI, the management company, cited business disputes as the real culprit.

In any event, Afrojack is starting his own “back office” to develop his own talent in his own agency. As it turns out, Afrojack’s legal commitments to his management were so tightly wound that there are numerous legal hurdles to jump before Afrojack and his management can completely part ways. Will all of these changes in management result in better quality music from these artists that have come under fire in recent years? Perhaps only time will tell, but if you see a change from these artists, you’ll know why.

Source: Billboard