Ghost Producer

The discussion of ghost producing never really seems to go away. People are always chiming in with their opinions of whether they think it’s okay or totally sacrilegious to have another person produce an “artist’s” music, but no matter what people say, it still happens. It’s been such a prevalent topic of conversation that more and more ghost producers are coming out of the woodwork and proclaiming that they have production credit on some of the biggest anthems of the year. None of these producers is more renown that Maarten Vorwerk.

Recently, this infamous ghost-producer (yes that seems to be a bit of an oxymoron) posted a photo on his Facebook page with a breakdown of how he spends most of his days. We always think that the life of a touring DJ, traveling the world and partying eight nights a week, would be ideal. . . but after taking a look at this young man’s life you might change your perspective.