Maor Levi – Mercury (Preview)

Maor Levi – Mercury

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Maor Levi. Actually, that’s only partly true. You see, we’ve actually heard plenty of new music from Maor Levi over the past few months from his wild trap project, Bad Royale. It’s really hard to believe that the same person can simultaneously live in ambient and euphoric world of Anjuna while pumping out tracks that get mistaken for Jack U, but that’s exactly what Maor Levi is doing. His return to Anjunabeats, ‘Mercury‘, is quite the doozy of  beauty and emotion.

Mercury received the first play treatment during ABGT150 and is now being previewed ahead of its late October release date. It starts off with an infectious progressive trance beat that soon weaves its way into some echoed vocal samples that are quintessential Anjuna. The bridge is a slow but atmospheric build that will have your hands up and face looking towards the sky when you hear it. The melody builds in intensity until it meets the trance beat for an explosion of energy. Mercury is set for release on October 30, but until then you should check out the extended preview below.