Kaskade vs Paul McCartney: “The Fact That I Pissed Some Old Guy Off Is Very Funny”

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In the evening of Friday July 31st, Paul McCartney took the main stage at Lollapalooza prepared to greet a sea of eagerly awaiting attendees. Less than an hour into the former Beatles’ set, electronic dance music sensation, Kaskade, embraced fans at an opposing stage, armed with harmonies so devastating, it would stop McCartney moments into song.

McCartney commenced his musical tribute to John Lennon, ‘Here Today’, however moments into his commendation, his performance was obstructed by what he referred to as “shit”. Kaskade’s pulsing bass lines disrupted McCartney’s set to such an extent, he paused mid-performance,

“I intended this,” McCartney remarked, “It’s like a crazy mash-up of this song and whatever shit they’re playing.”

While it is likely no surprise that Paul McCartney doesn’t favour EDM, the electronic sensation still could not hold back laughter at the seventy-three year-old’s clear and apparent distaste,

“I love that!” commented Kaskade, “There’s something irreverent about electronic music, that it’s very young and youthful, so the fact that I pissed some old guy off is very funny. Life achievement unlocked.”

Only Kaskade could get away with referring to Paul McCartney as “some old guy”, and get away with it unscathed. The powerfully opinionated producer and DJ is not opposed to controversy, and found McCartney’s commentary rather comical.

Source: Rolling Stone