Hardwell ft. Jake Reese – Mad World (Official Music Video)

One week after releasing the 200th single on Revealed Recordings, Hardwell is offering up the full music video for his latest single, “Mad World“. In a surprising collaboration, Hardwell teamed up with Miller Genuine Draft to produce the video. The video is an uplifting visual treat following Hardwell around the world, featuring scenes from the interesting locales and wild performances that he experiences. Digging a little deeper into this Miller tie in, it appears that there is a lot more to come. The Youtube page already features webisodes featuring various cities that Hardwell visits as he tours the globe, set to his latest single. All in all, it’s a pretty cool thematic tie in with the track, and doesn’t come off as overly cheesy. While Heineken and Bud Light have cemented themselves pretty firmly in dance music culture, it remains to be seen if Miller can elbow its way into the scene. Check out the full “Mad World” video below and you can check out the rest of the Miller/Hardwell series as well.