Ocean Drive

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Hayden James Remix)

A few days ago, Duke Dumont released portions of a remix pack for his latest single “Ocean Drive.” Duke made a wise choice going with three completely different sounding tracks.  These three individual remixers, Hayden James, Alice in Wonderland, and Shaun Frank, were given an opportunity to put their unique spin on the sound.

The Australian born producer, Hayden James, takes “Ocean Drive” and flips it inside out, and upside down.  The original classic 80’s pop like feeling of has been done away with being replaced by an amazing ambient atmosphere that is combined with a subtle melody and a kickin’  that is guaranteed to get you groovin’ in your seat.  Strap on that seat belt, get ready for Hayden James to take you on the drive of your life.

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Hayden James Remix) | Remixes Available Oct. 16