Calvin Harris Threatens To Sue People For Spreading ‘Happy Ending’ Rumors

calvin harris

All good things must come to an end and judging by reports from a plethora of media outlets, it’s time to say goodbye to Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris‘ relationship. Celebrity couples break up all the time, but this particular one has been extra strange. We woke up to stories suggesting that Swift decided to leave the successful producer due to the fact that he visited a Thai massage parlour. This allowed for the creation of some pretty great puns, most notably ones that touched upon the ‘unhappy ending’ of this relationship. Harris even joined in on the fun with this playful, yet serious, tweet:

Now, we are starting to see stories about how the couple is still together. A source close to Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift told PEOPLE that the rumors are “absolutely not true” and that “they are happy and going strong”. In fact, the “Bad Blood” singer even favorited Harris’ tweet about the “bullshit stories”.

Today has certainly been an interesting one in regards to this complex relationship. Hopefully, we’ll have some more answers tomorrow.