TomorrowWorld Parties Onward Despite Extensive Rains

SFX and ID&T have a lot riding on TomorrowWorld 2015. The festival has been hyped up like no other, and Sillerman and his struggling SFX group needs as much good publicity as possible to keep things afloat. Based on the events and struggles of Day 1 however, that future seems almost as bleak as yesterday’s weather. Taking place in Chattoochee Hills, Georgia, the festival sits atop acres upon acres of grassland, pastures, and dirt trails. Relentless rain from Thursday night rendered on-site parking essentially useless, and thousands of attendees were pushed to an offsite parking lot, left to walk or shuttle in. Those were the lucky ones. Some have been reportedly denied parking entirely and moved to an even further location, and waited hours for a shuttle ride in. Festival grounds were muddy, but the operations of the fest itself went smooth (the music and energy was still incredible on site). Dreamville on the other hand, seems to be to nothing but mud.

Rains continued to plague the area last night, and TomorrowWorld has shut off ALL parking. Needless to say, the fans have turned to social media to voice their opinions, cry for help (as some cars have gotten stuck), and request information. It seems fans feel the staff hasn’t provided sufficient information, leaving many in the dark simply wondering what will happen. Festivals of this scale have to account for so many variables, and potential realities, and ID&T has traditionally done an exceptional job catering to their fans; this outpour of poor weather has caught everyone off guard, so the scramble is understandable. Hopefully things clear up and parking/transportation works out. Stand by for more news, see the live-stream, and check below for screen-grabs and links to what’s going on:

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