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Stephen – Remembering Myself

Based out of the artistic Silverlake region of Los Angeles, Stephen, a promising new producer and DJ, hopes that by infusing his music with all that he’s learned on the arduous road as an up and coming producer he can set himself apart from the saturated ranks of electronic music hopefuls. Upon attending University of Miami’s prestigious music program, Stephen thought the Hollywood dream was almost in his grasp, releasing “Bullet Train”, which garnered over 100 million streams online. Stephen was courted by major record labels, but turned them down to pursue his own musical journey. Realizing life is a hard road, filled with twist, turns and unfortunate events happening to good people, Stephen has a crisis of confidence that he was able to pour into “Remembering Myself”.

The track, which serves as Stephen’s re-debut, effectively captures this journey, opening with a smooth and breezy R&B flavored guitar segment. Stephen’s nostalgic and silky vocals perfectly complement the track’s reflective and ultimately triumphant nature, before unleashing into a synth-heavy drop. Now, under the tutelage of TH3RD Brain, the masterminds behind Krewella, Zhu and more, we should expect big things from Stephen.

Stephen – Remembering Myself | Spotify