Michael Brun Remixes Brandon Flowers’ ‘I Can Change’

New Michael Brun Remix of Brandon Flowers'

Producer and DJ Michael Brun wows with his fantastic new remix of Brandon Flowers’ “I Can Change”. It’s a thrilling three and a half minute house anthem that begins with groovy, Daft Punk-esque vocals and builds into a ground shaking, ecstatic symphony of sounds. He utilizes beautiful strings, guitar, piano and, of course, thumping, powerful drums.

Michael’s take on ‘I Can Change’ emphasizes the original sample Flowers used – Bronski Beat’s iconic ‘Small Town Boy’ – to great effect, channeling its energy to make a remix that not only pays homage to Flowers’ version, but also the now legendary original.

This remix is Brun’s third track of the summer, with other popular releases including his original ‘Tongue Tied July’ (a collaboration with singer Roy English), and his collaboration with Rune RK, ‘See You Soon’. Take a listen: