Henrix x Adrien Mezsi – Ravers EP

First premiered by superstar Steve Angello at Creamfields in 2013, “Raverz” hooked dance fans with one infectious proclamation: “This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation.” Since then, the track has been seemingly in development limbo, and has undergone some tweaking, but is now ready to light up dance floors and festivals all around the nation. A massive build up leads to an explosive EDM-heavy drop that is intended to transport listeners back to their first festival experience. Having made his name in the underground club scene, Henrix and Adrien Mezsi hopes “Raverz” will exemplify their rave roots while also inducing goosebumps and chills that only a massive big room anthem can provide. “Raverz” comes as part of two track EP alongside “Bruh,” another banger that prominently features energetic melodies and a mammoth drop. The Raverz EP is now available on Beatport, and purchasers will have a chance to win Munitio Pro40 headphones or $179 Munitio Nines earphones by simply emailing a copy of your Beatport purchase receipt to raverzepgiveaway@gmail.com. Winners will be selected on 9th of October 2015 so listen below and pick up your copy today.

Henrix x Adrien Mezsi – Ravers EP | Beatport