Eric Prydz Teases Cirez D EP

Eric Prydz is sitting on so much amazing music that 3 EPs, several single releases, and a fall album just aren’t enough. While we’ve seen Pryda EPs and await the upcoming Eric Prydz album, Eric’s darker and deeper alias was feeling a bit neglected. Much to everyone’s surprise, Eric is now teasing a Cirez D EP called “Volume D”. What might be on here is a mystery, but fans are certainly crossing their fingers for the anticipated ‘Mortal Combat ID‘ aka ‘Melbourne ID‘. Eric has already gone on record as saying the tune was not fit for the Pryda alias, and is certainly too dark for Eric Prydz. While you get hyped and speculate on the track list and release date, you can check out a rip of the ‘Mortal Combat ID’ below.