Starkillers Believes Avicii Stole “Bromance” From Him

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This has not been a good week for Avicii. The superstar’s high-profile feud with deadmau5 seems to be dying down, but that doesn’t mean he’s in the clear. Thanks to Starkillers, Avicii has found himself involved in another controversy.

After Avicii tweeted about his latest remix, Starkillers responded by accusing the Swede of stealing “Bromance” from him.

Avicii released the single, as well as the vocal version “Seek Bromance”, back in 2010 when he was performing under the name ‘Tim Berg’. “Seek Bromance” was essentially his breakthrough single, charting in 20 countries and receiving gold status in 3 of them.

Starkillers is also no stranger to hits, as the American producer has 12 Beatport #1’s under his belt. He claims that the two worked on the track together and when it came time to release the tune, Avicii, and more notably his manager Ash Pournouri, failed to give him any credit. In his Twitter tirade, Starkillers includes a video of what seems to be a rough demo of “Bromance”. He also goes on to imply similar events occurred in regards to Avicii’s song “Collide” and debut album True.

Check out Starkillers’ series of tweets below and while you’re at it, give “Seek Bromance” a listen.


H/T: We Rave You