Dillon Francis Drops This Mixtape is Fire, Insanity Ensues

This Mixtape Is Fire
Mere hours after dropping his impressive collaboration with Calvin Harris on us, Dillon Francis has gone ahead and released his entire EP, This Mixtape is Fire, an hour short of its official August 14th release date. Not only did the EP go on sale on iTunes and Amazon, but good guy Dillon posted the entire EP to his Soundcloud.

You’ve probably already heard plenty about his collaboration with Calvin Harris, the USB drama surrounding his collaboration with Kygo, and listened to the released singles numerous times. In addition to those previewed tracks, Dillon adds a sick moomba collaboration with Bro Safari called ‘Pull It‘ and  the chill outro ‘Lies‘ which features Chromeo. This is yet another strong showing from Dillon and showcases his roots and his versatility. Listen to the whole thing below and add it to your collection from iTunes right now.