deadmau5 Gives Surprising Response To Skrillex’s Comments About His ‘Negative Attitude’

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After his interview with New York radio station AMP 92.3, Skrillex was the hot topic of the day. The main reason for this was a result of his comments surrounding fellow producer deadmau5. Although the two have been close for quite some time, the OWSLA boss had this to say when the interviewer brought up his constant Twitter antics and troll version of “Where Are U Now”:

“I’ll always have love for Joel because he put me on at an early time, but he’s an asshole. And everyone knows that, and he knows that. And that’s kinda his thing. I mean, the one thing that is unfortunate about it is that he has a record label. And when you have a record label, you gotta be a leader. And he has people that are like signed to him. And I couldn’t imagine being a leader, you know, going out in the public image being such a negative attitude…I don’t take it personally because I’m secure with myself and what I do, I love what I do. But I almost feel bad that that’s his one way of getting attention rather than going into music and curating. I think his attitude’s changed over the last couple years. I think a lot of people are getting tired with his attitude, calling people out on Twitter. I personally have become less connected to his music because his personality is almost overshadowing that, when he is such an incredible artist.”

You can watch the full interview below and to hear the part about deadmau5, skip to 6:15.

We all knew it was just a matter of time before deadmau5 took to Twitter to address the comments, but we can honestly say that his response surprised us. Rather than just slamming Skrillex, deadmau5 was also critical of himself. The Canadian acknowledges that he’s not the most positive guy and that it’s probably result of his own personal demons. This ‘human’ side of deadmau5 is one that we don’t often see, which suggests that he truly respects Skrillex’s opinions and felt the need to justify his actions. Check out the series of tweets below.



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