Burning Man To Unveil Mind-Bending Art Installation At 2015 Gathering

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.55.39 PM_zpsalz4ywcg.png
Burning Man is responsible for generating arguably the most unique week-long festival experience ever. Attendees encounter and engage with unparalleled audio and visual art pieces in Black Rock City’s desert. The festival has already disclosed that the theme for this year’s gathering will be ‘Carnival of Mirrors’, and to celebrate, Burning Man will debut the most stimulating and intricate art instillation in the festivals history.

This fall, Burning Man will give glovers and light artists alike a run for their money as they unveil the Large Hadron Kaleidoscope Ceiling. The mirrored assembly will host an array of deviating LED lights that will each be independently controlled. The Kaleidoscope’s architects have manufactured state of the art diffraction glasses specifically designed for the installation. The glasses will diffract the incoming light generated by the Kaleidoscope, and in turn appear to produce heart-shaped patterns.

In the video below, the Large Hadron Kaleidoscope Ceiling’s creators describe the 2,500 light mind-bending installation. For more information, view the projects kickstarter here.