Brazilian DJ Attempts To Get Madonna’s Attention With Newspaper Ad


There are so many ways up-and-coming music producers try to showcase themselves and their music to record labels and established artists and producers. Some would email their demos to labels, have their song be featured in a viral video, or do the usual and just put up their music on Soundcloud and let social media push their music to ears that will possibly jump-start their music careers. But there is one way that might really work that I do not think has been done yet. How about place an ad in a newspaper to your favorite artist to allow them to remix their single?

That’s right a Brazilian DJ/Producer by the name of Nick Deboni creates an ad in the Los Angeles Times on August 11th to ask for the approval from pop queen Madonna to remix her single ‘Devil’s Pray‘ as he also includes his Soundcloud and Facebook on the ad. Take a look for yourselves, and if you’re behind the guy, we guess you can get her attention with the #ApproveMadonna hashtag. Props to the guy for trying, we’ll be interested to see if it works.