TomorrowWorld Brings On Benny Benassi For Exclusive Mix

Benny Benassi
Italian legend, Benny Benassi, has seen his career takes some twists and turns since he paved the way for dance music in America with his fellow pioneers. He is revered for his commercial hits like “Satsifaction” and “Cinema,” yet Benassi has begun testing the waters in other genres like disco, electro, future house, and more. For their third exclusive mix, TomorrowWorld has brought the Italian producer to the plate to mix together an hour-long preview of what he will be bringing to the Chattahoochee Hills in September.

Disclaimer: this mix is not what you’d expect. Instead of getting his main stage game on, Benny Benassi plays out a bevy of tracks that are more experimental than anything else. Effortlessly, he manages to combine acid house, deep house, tech house, progressive house, future house, electro, and more. It’s actually quite impressive how many flavors he combines into once piece of work, and we’re definitely left on our toes throughout the entire mix. Check it out below, download it for free, and be sure to snag your TomorrowWorld tickets here if you haven’t yet.

1. Kolsch – Der Die Das(Original Mix)
2. Raumakustik – Raider (Original Mix)
3. Monika Kruse, Pig & Dan – Soulstice (Alberto Ruiz 80 Monster Remix)
4. Green Velvet, Harvard Bass – Lazer Beams (Original Mix)
5. Kryder ft Cajmere – Percolator (Original Mix)
6. Kryder, The Wulf Good Vibes (Original Mix)
7. Fraanklyn – Rock The Funky Beat
8. The Honeypot – Wolf (Original Mix)
9. Henrix – Acid Rave Sex (Original Mix)
10. Madame – Shuffle (Original Mix)
11. Mars Bill – Panorama (Original Mix)
12. Irregular Synth – Backend (Original Mix)
13. Delayers – Bubbles (Original Mix)
14. CID, Mednas – She Wants The D (Original Mix)