The Interns Drop Some Summer Heat on Latest Mixtape

The Interns

We’re deep into the throes of summer now, but it’s never too late for another summer-time dance mix. The Interns are here to do just that. They’ve been gaining some serious steam in the industry, playing up and down the California coast and even playing a set at EDC Las Vegas, and now they’re here to bring you a dance floor masterpiece.

This SoCal mix is exactly what you need to be getting back into the groove as the summer winds down. Inspired by some of the best dance music of the 70’s and 80’s, the mixtape is designed to get you up and dancing like they did it on the disco floors back in the day.

The Groovy beats feature some samples from classic 80’s hits as well as some homages to some old flicks as well, which’ll be sure to catch your ear when you hear them.

Check it out here: