Tongue Tied July

Michael Brun X Roy English – Tongue Tied July

The days of summer are winding down, but Michael Brun and Roy English are here to remind us that it’s not over yet with their fresh track ‘Tongue Tied July‘. Brun mixes it up from his usual slow dance beats and transitions to a more relaxed style. You can really hear his Haitian influence shining through within the seamless transitions and tropical synths.

Roy English, who gained a lot of recognition for his work on Alesso’s track ‘Cool’, is a great addition to this summer smash, providing his smooth sweet vocals that blend perfectly with Brun’s unique sound. The track perfectly captures what’s going down in dance music right now to be honest. It’s a very well executed mix of tropical vibes, indie-influenced hues, and a step away from in your face, fist pumping energy.  Check out ‘Michael Brun X Roy English – ‘Tongue Tied July’ here: