Martin Garrix’s House Was Broken Into While He Was Playing A Show

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Every so often we hear of a situation where a DJ has his equipment taken. This has happened to industry heavyweights like Skrillex, Dada Life and many more. Apparently, while Martin Garrix was playing a show in Mallorca, Spain, his house was hit by thieves, who made off with a bunch of his possessions. The young prodigy took to Twitter to vent, noting that they took his laptops and other important things (he mentioned “memories can’t be replaced”).

Normally, the first thought of the public would be that thief might have a goldmine of unreleased music on his/her hands. However, Garrix was quick to point out that one thing that remains safe is his production laptop, which he keeps with him. His shows will still go on and presumably his tracks are safe too, but the “Animals” producer expressed his hope that karma will have the last laugh.