Jauz and Dillon Francis Officially Announce the “Lean On” Remix We’ve All Been Waiting For

Lean On
Did you know the entire music industry shifted this week? No it’s not because of Apple Music. The entire music industry officially shifted away from Monday/Tuesday releases to global Friday releases. This is an effort to reduce piracy because some global regions would get the track ahead of others, and that’s why  albums frequently popped up online a week before release. As it turns out tomorrow is the first universal Friday release day, and its full of goodies.

Today, Jauz dropped a bomb that nobody had been expecting…that killer remix of Lean On he produced with Dillon Francis would be released tomorrow! As of now the track has only been unofficially previewed and teased, so this is a big and welcome surprise. The remix has an awesome combination of moomba and trap elements and is sure to be a hit this summer. With this release, it’s safe to say we can finally close the book on Lean On remixes, the window has closed. Check out the brief snippet below and pick up your copy tomorrow.




Posted by JAUZ on Thursday, July 9, 2015