Grabbitz – Way Too Deep (Live Session)

way too deep

Over the course of this year, Grabbitz has attained a large amount of success through the release of his expertly crafted debut EP, Friends, on the exalted Monstercat label. Also, he has impressively been chosen by none other than Deadmau5 to be featured on his original track, ‘Silent Picture’, as Grabbitz was noticed for his excellent vocal edit he released on his Soundcloud page 10 months ago; no small feat in itself as mau5 picks vocals for his tracks very carefully.

The well thought-out Friends EP includes original vocals from Grabbitz himself. He has recently featured a stripped-down acoustic rendition of ‘Way Too Deep’ of this well received track with help from Sullivan King on guitar and Apek on the piano. With a lower tone of voice than other vocalists, he employs a unique style that suits his rock-influenced tracks extremely well. In this song he expresses the real side of a relationship while being caught deep in the storm of life; something most people experience in some form or another. He captures the feeling just right as he passionately portrays the precise feeling and mood with the combination of lyrical content, instrumentation and pure originality.