[WATCH] Jack Ü ‘Where Are Ü Now’ Music Video Shines with Spectacular Fan Art

It all started a month ago, when Jack Ü called upon their LA fans to drop by a local art gallery and express their artistic vision all over hundreds of frames from then-unreleased ‘Where Are Ü Now‘ music video, which mostly featured shots of Justin Bieber dancing. Now, the video has dropped and its visuals exceed our expectations; not only because it’s an awesome mix of crazy fan art and professional editing, but also because we had little something to do with it. Around the 1:50 mark we make a little guest artwork appearance, see if you can spot it.

This video has pretty much everything you could ask for: crazy combinations of colors, hilarious added cartoons of Bieber, and behind-the-scenes footage of the interactive experience that made the fast-paced designs possible. Dare you to look at every frame! It’s totally worth it.