Thom Yorke Composes Longest Song In History

Thom Yorke
There are certain performances or actions that artists do that can lead to myth making in society and legendary status for a musician. Thom Yorke has already accomplished this by being the frontman of Radiohead, arguably one of the most influential bands of the past couple decades. As if his place in the history books was ever in question, Yorke has taken his legendary eminence to mythical levels with his newest project, composing the longest song in history. The song was produced in Australia as a soundtrack from Yorke in collaboration with friend and artist, Stanley Donwood, for the exhibit, The Panic Office. The soundtrack, entitled “Subterranea”, is an astounding eighteen days long, DAYS! The 25, 920 minute-long song is primarily built on ambient and experimental sounds to create an atmosphere for the exhibit. However, to the ire of Radiohead fans everywhere, or even fans of insane artistic feats, there are currently no plans to release the epic into the public domain.