Soak Up The Sun-Kissed Beats of Summer With LVNDSCAPE’s “Season 1” Mix

The ZHU trend is out in full force. Ever since the LA-based producer shrouded himself in mystery, producers have been donning the mask of anonymity, letting their music, rather than their actions, speak for them. We’ve seen talented producers in nearly every genre attempt to accomplish what ZHU has achieved – marshmello, HI-LO, and LVNDSCAPE. Not much is known about the mysterious producer, LVNDSCAPE, other than his elegant remixes and bootlegs that have come to define his unique style of music, but with chart-dominating remixes of Ed Sheeran and Redondo and Leon Bolier under his belt, LVNDSCAPE is proving himself a force to be reckoned with in the melodic house scene by reinforcing his reputation as a tastemaker through his “Season 1” Mix.

The hour-long mix gently floats through an eclectic sampling of catchy house offerings that showcase LVNDSCAPE’s signature sound. From the opening guitar licks of Tep No’s “Please Me,” to the sun-soaked melodies of LVNDSCAPE’s remix of Ed Sheeran and Rudimental’s “Bloodstream,” this “Season 1” mix is perfect whether you’re hanging out by the pool or driving down the highway this summer.