The Revealing Tweet That Could Cost Mat Zo His Career

Unless you’ve lived under a dial-up powered rock over the past few days, you have seen Mat Zo’s epic rant against the “rotten teeth” of the music industry. Between calling out festivals for having headliners pay to secure top set-times to pointing fingers at the industry’s top players by calling them greedy, Mat Zo has touches on every spoke of the industry’s wheel.

Lately, he has been revealing a lot of industry knowledge from an insiders perspective, which arguably could cost him in the long run with festival season coming faster than White Walkers. Already, he has stated that his Twitter-induced tirades have cost him festival bookings, but that doesn’t seem to phase the artist one bit. All the while during this rant, he was tip-toeing around the issue of actually calling out headlining artists for using ghost producers (who in Mat’s mind are the most rotten teeth out there, and must be pulled immediately). But earlier yesterday, he retweeted a post that was of a screen shot naming the ghost producers used by top acts in the industry. Artists like Carnage, David Guetta, Danny Avila, and NERVO all surfaced, according to the tweet, as using ghost producers to release some of their hottest records.

If this list is accurate, and it opens audiences eyes up to the true talent who is playing their festival’s main stages it could possibly be the dental visit for the industry Mat Zo so desperately is calling for.