How an Industry Responded to the United States Supreme Court’s Ruling on Marriage Equality


The United States Supreme Court ruled on Friday that same-sex couples be allowed to get married in all 50 states. In other words, state laws that prohibited gay marriage are unconstitutional. The ruling passed by a 5-4 vote. The gay community has always played a significant role in the birth, development, and growth of the electronic music scene. In the industry’s infancy, some of the most successful festivals ran parallel to gay pride parades and parties, for example, Bal en Blanc (est 1995), one of North America’s most notable events. Electronic dance music’s roots in peace, love, unity, and respect perpetuates an attitude of all-inclusive tolerance. Following The Court’s ruling, many of EDM’s superstars showed their support for marriage equality through social media.

Unfortunately, in an ever-changing world, there will be people who feel it’s necessary to resist that change. One individual let his feelings be heard on Andrew Bayer’s facebook page. Bayer was quick to respond by politely asking the fan stop listening to his music: