Hardwell To Revisit Miami Music Week With ‘360 Experience’ Video

 photo ec7c533d-60b3-4909-8a07-e983a5f850c2_zpsd0gtkile.jpg
Video streaming services like YouTube, Beatport Live, and Twitch are all trying to innovate their products to capture as much market share as possible in the arms race for music streaming. YouTube recently introduced one of their most revolutionary extensions yet with the 360 video, where users can use a map on the top left (like that in Google Maps) to navigate through a fully-moving video. It’s quite a trippy experience, and EDM’s best are now using the app extension to create unique experiences for their fans, most recently from Hardwell.

The Revealed Recordings mastermind has released a trailer for a new ‘360 experience’ video that will take us back the Hardwell’s Miami Music Week. You can drag all around his hotel room to see every direction, and the full ‘360 experience’ video is set to take viewers through Miami’s shops, Hardwell and his crew hanging out, and his memorable Ultra Main Stage performance. This will truly be a one-of-a-kind video. You can play around with the format below, and stay tuned for the full video’s release.