Bassnectar Seems A Little Pissed Off At “EDM”


Although the acronym “EDM” literally stands for electronic dance music, a lot of people have a distaste for the umbrella term. This may be due to the fact that it elicits immediate visions of kandi kids, party drugs, fist bumping, thumping beats and cheesy, globe trotting, top 40 DJs. In short, the term “EDM” has espoused a mainstream label and, thus, transformed into an extremely confusing (and usually negatively charged) concept that wrongly attributes characteristics to the entire community. This results in electronic music fans and artists shunning the label and turning their noses up at it.

World renown electronic powerhouses like Flume and Zedd are just some of the many producers that have publicly declared their wishes to dissociate from the EDM label, and now, Bassnectar can be added to this long list of artists. The Bass Head leader recently posted a new pin design from Benchpins and March One Music to his Facebook, clearly illustrating his stance. The design (seen above), featured on Benchpins’ website, showcases an imitation of a Calvin & Hobbes character with Bassnectar’s bass drop logo for a head as it holds a boombox and urinates on the word “EDM”.  It’s no secret that as a result of all the negative stereotypes that have come to be associated with the genre, Bassnectar isn’t the only one that’s become a little ‘pissed’ off at the term “EDM”.  

Source: Magnetic Magazine